Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ottawa Adventures featuring Sushi

I love taking these long road trips up to Ottawa for a very long weekend with Ryan. We both have a bunch of papers to do...whether or not they are getting accomplished remains to be seen. Either way, we've been spending much of the weekend writing, reading, sleeping, cuddling and it's been fabulous. On or about January 1st I made a new year's resolution, well more like a goal:

to have sushi at least once a week for the entire year 

I mean why wouldn't you want to eat this EVERYDAY of the week?! For the past 12 weeks of the year I have held to my word and had sushi at least once a week, mainly take out. I hoping the people that work at the place I usually order from know me as a "regular" by now, can't wait for that day. Anyways, Ryan made me promise that this week I wait until I was in Ottawa to go for my weekly trip. We went today to a place just outside of Ottawa closer to Nepean. Every time I go out for sushi with Ryan, for some reason I want to impress him or something and order something I would normally never eat alone. This time it was zucchini tempura. 6 pieces. The first piece was good....but the rest I just couldn't get down. I spent the rest of our meal strategically watching the servers and cooks and waiting for opportun times to quickly wrap up some of the pieces in a napkin and shove them in my purse. I tried to look as normal as possible but I can only assume how crazy I really looked. After we left the restaurant, we ran to close by dumpster hurled the zucchini and made a run for it for the car. I felt like such a rascal. 

P.S. look at these amazing renditions of sushi: candy sushi, panda sushi, sandwich sushi and cupcake sushi

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