Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Human Calendar

Last night I could not sleep for the life of me and safety of others. I think technology is just too amazing for me to simply spend a few hours SLEEPING, especially when I have so, so many ideas flowing around up there in my brain.

Very exciting ideas (hopefully). Stay tuned for them!

I have only TWO assignments/projects left in my third year of undergrad. Time has severely flown by and I need to remember my advice to the world in this post so that I stop wishing things away. It's not that I actually count down the days until I am finished exams or until I am finished with my entire degree, it's just that sometimes like any other sane person I look forward to the end of an adventure so as to start a new one. Whether that's studying for a different class, starting my summer job or graduating. I am definitely not wanting days to pass any faster than they are or by any way hating life right now. It's just that itching feeling. That feeling that something new and exciting needs to happen. But for now I am going to rock my exams, dominate my summer and kill my FINAL year of school in the fall.

And speaking of "counting down" take a look at this super neat human calendar.

Have a Great Day! 


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