Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day 

Dear Monday, I had a glorious, fun and relaxing weekend so it's time to kick this week in the FACE. Together, you and I will get some amount of work accomplished, eat somewhat healthy (who are we kidding, I'm really craving cheese and salsa right now) and maybe even go for a run tonight?!

Dear Big Bright Sun, yes the weather today and lately to be quite honest has been overly spectacular but I am just not ready for this sun and hotness in March. I have no shorts, no "cute" summer shirts/dresses and my disposale at the moment so if you could tone it down for the next few weeks that would be swell.

Dear Hair, let's figure something out shall we? Roots are showing, hair is frizzy and dry, wavy and straight, bangs are too long, TAKE YOUR PICK! Get it together so we can look good this summer, alright? It's no one's fault but your own, obviously.

Dear Glasses, for the past two days I've worn your friend, sunglasses, non stop. So when I put you on this morning I was confused as to why there were this strange device on my face resembling sunglasses that didn't tint my world and make it easier to look at (thanks Big Bright Sun). Sorry that I forgot that you make my world CLEARER, it's taken me hours today to get used to you again.

Dear Make Up, I just want to get you tattooed to MY FACE. This morning I had no time or effort to put on ze mascara so I brought it to school with me instead. Why can't I just wake up every morning with perfect make-up on my face, ready to go, "au natural". What I'm really asking is, could we dye my eyelashes darker or something? Orange/blonde just doesn't cut it.


  1. You don't want the sun to come out yet? Girl, you crazy! ;) I cannot wait for sun, but definitely can wait for Texas's summer heat.

    Just stopping by for Mingle Monday!


  2. I swear, I hate getting up and putting make up on. It's quite an ordeal. I feel ya. :)