Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan from Happy Day

Dear Monday, if you are any sign of what the rest of the week entails, it's going to be full of anxiety without a doubt! But coupled with that anxiety and stress for some reason I feel excited...about what, I'm not quite sure but thank goodness for this random batch of excitement. 

Dear coffee I had at 9pm last night, you betrayed me. You've never affected me like this before, keeping me up (literally) all night, throwing ideas around my head. I know I should have chosen the decaf but you were just so tempting "Cafe Crema". Don't be so alluring next time. 

Dear future, I know that the time is coming. The time for life to start figuring itself out but lately it feels like it's just going so fast! I register for my fourth year classes tomorrow, I can still remember my first day at this school like it was yesterday. Please slow down, and let me enjoy as much as I can. 

Dear New Journal, I'm pretty excited to start lugging you around everywhere I go now (hey! maybe this explains my random excitement). Hopefully you will be able to help me clear my mind at little bit better. 

Dear Roommates, I don't tell you enough how amazing each one of you are. It's kind of magical how we light each other's days up so easily. 


  1. I love that you are a ginger :) But I too love a good new journal, I think its such a wonderful friend to have during hard times.

  2. Thanks! I love writing, I always have too many things I'm thinking about!

  3. I totally miss having roomies! I remember staying up way too late watching crappy reality television shows, hugging roomies during hard emotional times, and laughing super hard on beds for no reason. I miss those days! Sounds like you have some pretty awesome people in your life!