Friday, March 30, 2012

Chaotic Feelings

I woke up far too early for a "day off" work and class. There's something about my brain lately, it's continuously moving, grinding, feeling. I can barely get to sleep and when I slightly open my eyes in the morning, after minutes of fighting awake-ness, all I can do is end the night and start a new day.

It's been easy this week to wake up, actually staring at my clock as the alarm goes off.

So what did I do today?

Well in case you did not already notice, chaos took over my blog. I wanted a change but little did I know I was going to just go ahead and switch my entire blog layout without really thinking it through. I've been admiring those elegantly simple blogs like A Cup of Jo, Freckled Italian and more recently NYC Taught Me for a long time now. I have been dreaming of simple colours and design and although my past template was awfully simple in of itself, it needed to be more toned down. A lot of things still need to be changed so I'm looking forward to being a blog perfectionist just as exam season is upon me.

I am the cat and Maggie is the dog. Obviously.
I spent the rest of the day eating leftovers (pizza AND pad thai), drinking some tea and pretending to get some reading done. Although I HAVE been watching the West Wing consistently since I woke up. I got to have a great chat with one of my roommates Maggie who is a star. We got to share a very honest conversation and it's not everyone that you can do that with.

Busy weekend coming ahead filled with group meetings, finishing assignments and guarding a cannon (this will be explained on Monday).


  1. I love the animal photo, and your style of writing :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! I have waves of better writing here and there so it's always nice when it comes out!