Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I find that when I am about to begin a large assignment, paper or essay for school I need to blog first. It gets my writing juices flowing and words start to come easier. Most (if not all) people might call this procrastination at it's finest but now I feel that's a necessary warm-up to my best writing. You might notice that I usually go through bouts of posting everyday for a period of time. That's when I'm usually writing up something real, real good (hopefully).

For the longest time, I was getting frustrated with having this little, thin borders around every photo I posted. I didn't like that the pictures weren't flowing and were so choppy. After hopelessly and cluelessly reading through my HTML code and trying to decipher where this secret code was for photo borders I gave up and posted my question on 20 Something Bloggers forums. And behold! I got a response faster than I ever imagined, and a most generous response at that. You will ALREADY see that my pictures are beautifully flowy and borderless.

So please give Naomi a round of applause, visit her blog and just love her awesome ways.


  1. Haha! Aw, you didn't have to do that, that was very sweet of you Dee :) Lemme know if you need more help with any confusing blog stuff in the future, I love doing that sort of thing!

  2. Hoorayyy for 20sb! That's actually how I found your blog. Your layout looks great btw