Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sally's First Accident

Yesterday I was going to blog about how excited I was to take a very (very) short road trip to Toronto with Ryan to drop him off at Union Station for his trek back to Ottawa. But time got carried away, packing took longer than ever expected annnd I didn't get a great sleep the day before so I was a little bit of a grumpy monster.

But here we are today, I'm back in Guelph, clothes are all organized and put away, desk space has been Windexed, a tiny load of laundry is complete and I am ready to get to work, and by work I mean maybe I'll study instead, and by maybe studying I mean watching some West Wing and by watching some West Wing I mean writing a blog post about my first car accident...

Yesterday while backing out of a underground parking garage in Toronto a garbage can unit thing mounted on a scary cement pole hit my car, okay maybe I hit it but no one else saw but me. Either way when I looked back to see all the commotion I just saw this measley brown, plastic garbage container that certainly could do no damage to poor Sally (the name of my car of course). However, when I got into Guelph and got out of the car I saw that Sally's back eye was a little cracked and then that the paint was a little chipped, and then I walked around the corner. HOLY SHIT, excuse my language, I hate swearing on the internet. Her butt has a huge dent in it. I was so in shock I needed to by myself some bubble gum. After that I picked up my roommate Danica, and headed home while telling her of Sally's ordeal.

Then! While pulling into our driveway Sally hit the curb in a more strange way as usual and as I got out of the car she started screaming at me (the panic button went off). She is so pissed. I've decided to leave her totally alone today so we both have some time to cool down and be on our own. I am dreading having to speak to her tomorrow or maybe even tonight but hopefully we can move past it and just think of it as a funny story in the future...maybe?

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  1. she will forgive!!! Just keep her clean and your relationship will be good as gold!