Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"You rank things. We keep score."

A company based in Sarnia, Ontario has set out a twitter-platform website designed to take all of us tweeter's brilliant, well-thought out tweets and display them in a clean site.

It's actually a pretty neat idea so I can see how random people in the world enjoyed the movie The Help or the freezing rain that is occurring today. Okay, all sarcastic-ness aside once this site or more directly hashtag (#rankable) you can visually see what everyday people like you and me feel about Stephan Harper,  your local newspaper or even my oatmeal.

It's like having a consumer's guide on your finger tips...well maybe one day it will be like that. It also can't be rigged. I love lists, so I feel like I am going to love this. The site keeps track of each username and each subject and only allows one rank a day. So get on it! Rank your life! Tell me what you think about your trip to work, your stupid alarm clock or your neighbour's pet.

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