Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Fell In Love with Lipstick and Became a Model...Sort Of

I ALWAYS knew I would love lipstick, I just needed the guts to finally pull it off. So I took the leap and started wearing some over this Christmas break. What an awesome fashion accessory, makes every single outfit seem 10 times better and makes me feel way more confident! However, it's definitely not something I could ever do everyday, far too much pressure and confidence to handle in one lifetime. But I needed to document this leap of fashion sense. And as soon as I started taking a few pictures I turned into some strange model that I had never seen in myself before. So strange I can't even believe I'm okay with posting this right now but I mean, that's what the lipstick did to me, changed my entire life. Well not really, but it really made me feel so much more secure and proud of myself. Funny how something so small (and completely materialistic) could do that. And although I haven't been too good on my body for the past month or so, thanks to exams and this Holiday visiting and eating frenzy the lipstick is getting me through it...barely.