Thursday, January 26, 2012

Downtime in Bed

I needed a little me time curled up in bed this afternoon, my body definitely needed it. Not that I work out (at all) or have been physically straining myself lately, just jumping into school and related activities and work right at 110% has all of a sudden got me pretty exhausted. And although I have a few things I really could be getting done right now all I really want to do is lie here, in this bed and not move for 15 minutes, or more is quite acceptable. I'm not talking a nap, I'm talking real restful just lying and doing nothing time. Feels so magical.

What else is happening in my life?
- Currently applying to summer research positions
- Trying to get a new group started on campus and make it the most awesome thing ever
- Planning a graduate career fair for students in my program
- Deciding on when I really want to write the LSAT and if I should really take a course or not...
- Getting over having a first year class
- Creating and discovering who I am and who I want to be

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