Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Debates...I'm so scared

 The first year class I am taking this semester requires me to participate in a debate...I think in my lifetime I have completed two debates. One in middle school regarding euthanasia and one in high school regarding Hamlet...And my tactics have always been picking apart arguments and saying very passionate statements. However, all of a sudden real debates aren't about yelling at your opponent or making it blatantly obvious that they are complete morons. No, you have to remain cordial and unphased...a major problem for me. 

And to wrap this all up, I am debating the Enbridge Pipeline issue currently all over the news. I'm sure you're thinking to yourselves, "easy peasy" well no you are indeed incorrect because I am arguing in FAVOUR of said pipeline going through forests and Aboriginal communities and destroying life as we know it. I just can't quite wrap my head around how I am going to debate this topic at all...let alone win or even get a good grade.  


  1. The Northern Gateway Pipeline will create jobs and abundance. First Nations will be given a stake in its prosperity and will gain vast wealth. It will allow them to be financial independent. This project will reduce Canada’s reliance on American trade. It will broaden our trading relations with Asia. New Technology will allow the safe transfer along the route to protect the environmental aspect. It will create jobs and demand for pipe in Canada. It is a win, win and win. The only losers are the Americans for refusing the XL Pipeline for political reasons.

  2. I forgot about the tax winfall for the governments and personal taxes for those employed on the line or making the pipe