Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Past While

Due to the crazy month of November in terms of last midterms, papers and trying to start studying for exams, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat in this life of mine. So to feel you in with some highlights I decided to present them as gifs. Yay!

Watched Crazy Stupid Love TWICE in the past week and it's such a great surprise of a movie! 

Had a mini road trip to Toronto to see Tegan and Sara's screening of States, India and For the Most Part with the coolest friends Danica and Farrah. 

Started watching the new show Once Upon a Time and LOVE it. Love how it's not a straightforward show and you have to try to figure out what's really going on - no wonder the creators of the show are worked on Lost. 

Home this weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday which was really this past Monday. I missed my kitties. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

You Can Talk the Talk but You Can't Walk the Walk

While out for a night with amazing friends at the on campus pub on Thursday, I courageously asked a fellow student of the male variety why he wasn't growing a moustache, after all it is Movember and all and I expect this month to be a great time for all guys, just like how great October was for breast cancer awareness (kudos to all the professional sports teams who really took that one this year). He responded with something along the lines of "I choose to actually create awareness instead of having an excuse to grow some facial hair." Well I say poo to you sir, poo on you. I think the moustache is a HUGE part of the awareness, and it's all for raising funds AND fun! It's like choosing not to wear pink to promote breast cancer awareness or purple to support LGBT groups.

Sure you can talk the talk but you can't walk the walk at all.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Post Grad Dreams

In case you didn't already know I kind of, really want to go to law school. I've been quite obsessing over it for the past year or so, reading every school's website and admission books, reading articles and now pouring over forums. I've always been afraid to post something about law school because the fact that people will know about this dream and HUGE goal of mine really scares me. Putting it out there creates so much pressure for me to perform and actually make this happen, not that I wouldn't either way but now people may actually be interested in my results? Who knows.

But here's to that extra little boost of added pressure. I want to go to law school. I need to go to law school. I can get into the exact details later but this is a dream, my dream, something I really love. I love having this dream. It certainly keeps me busy at least.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why November Sucks

November is my least favourite month. Mostly because it is precisely the most boring, sad, not fun month out there. I mean what is there to look forward to in November....Remembrance Day? Nothing against Remembrance Day or anything but it's not one of my top 10 holidays, seasons, days or anything really. It's probably the dreariest of seasons, in between that crisp fall and snowfall, just cold fog and rain and overall blah feeling. Do you stick your beloved fall jacket or convert to the winter warrior? Awful time of year I tell you, awful. Here, I'll make it more clear.
  • January - First month of the year! New beginnings and a brand new semester to look forward to. 
  • February - Valentine's Day (eww..but kind of something to look forward to in the least) and Reading Week!
  • March - Beginning signs of Spring (hopefully)
  • April - School is ending, the sun is beginning to shine and can head back to those fall/spring jackets
  • May - The most beautiful month! Not too hot and not too cold. 
  • June - My birthday month of course PLUS camp starts! 
  • July - It's summer so it's pretty cool
  • August - See July 
  • September - BACK TO SCHOOL. Oh boy, I love school. 
  • October - One of THE best months. Gorgeous colours, beautiful weather, Thanksgiving AND Halloween
  • November - poop
  • December - Snowy bliss, advent calendars, Christmas, family and friends 

See what I mean?

Pretty Design, Cute Design, Pretty, Pretty....November gets an oven?!

On another awful note, how horrible is it that there is not a single Gap in Guelph? Why has this not been fixed? I have an instore credit and I'm going to have to travel to another city to use it?! Now Guelph really does feel like rural-esque city. Moo.