Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Onset Alzheimer's

My age: 20

Things I have lost/forgotten in the past three weeks:

  1. Keys to car and house 
  2. Phone
  3. Anti-frizz stuff for my lion's mane 
  4. Face washing stuff
  5. iPod
  6. Student Card
  7. Glasses 
  8. My Health 
The once thing I still have intact is my patience. 

On another note look at this amazing hat! 

My First Road Trip-Part 2

Once I got to Ottawa cooled down about the crazy roads and French people (just kidding French people aren't crazy...). Friday we spent the night eating Kraft Dinner which I had been craving since the start of school (obviously the start of school signals the start of lots of Kraft Dinner eating). PLUS it was the white cheddar KD which is not as good as President's Choice's white cheddar but still amazing.

Saturday afternoon we headed into the rural outskirts of Ottawa to meet up with some of my family and visit for as long as we could! My Oma was just HILARIOUS this past weekend. I haven't seen her so sarcastic and funny in awhile and it was awesome. It was a great visit and got to see so much family in one spot which was perfect. It was there that "Ryan Time" was invented and I'm loving the term. That night we had our own dinner together at what seems to be our usual spot, a pub in the neighbourhood. We both got awesome burgers that (him: elk and me: lamb) had amaaaazing goat cheese on them, another one of our favourites. That night was my first experience in downtown Ottawa....and it was spectacular. I loved it! Awesome music, awesome people, beautiful downtown!

Sunday was fantasy hockey draft day for the Ottawa boys so as I studied for my midterm, Ryan studied for his draft. He literally had pages of notes for this draft which I thought was hilarious, yet very smart. The draft then consisted of lots of yelling, noises and "chirps". All in all I had a great weekend and went from despising the city of Ottawa to loving it. I absolutely love the atmosphere, people and everything!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Thoughts on Being Sick

I could tell last night at about 10:30pm that I was getting sick...and that it was going to be good one. I could feel like little, itty, bitty tickle in my throat and then it started getting stronger and stronger and grew to my head and my neck and my nose and my entire body....wowza.

I was trying so hard not to get sick after I saw roommate after roommate down and out with some type of cold last week. I was taking 6 pills (on a good day) and drinking a boat load of water and tea. And then I woke up this morning with the most sickiest I have been in months. I could barely move, I communicated through grunts or single syllables for a good amount of time in the morning. Then I forgot my phone...I knew about it right away but thought nothing of it since it was just a phone. But you see, I keep my student card in the back of my phone so at about 4:00pm today I thought I would head home for a healthy, nice dinner before heading back for a late night on campus....but I was without student card and hence without bus pass. (Yes I've been here on campus from 8:30am to 9:00pm....I don't even know what to call that kind of day).

I just thought it was hilarious that all day today I was trying to eat SO healthy. I had a bagel and an apple for lunch with some water and more tea. After my next class I had two homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, made by mama. I bought a greek salad and more tea for dinner. BUT the I caved during my break in my night class....I bought a bag of chips. I mean you can clearly see me wanting more and more comfort food throughout the day. By the end of the day I just wanted those greasy chips in my sick & dying (not so much) body. Mmmmmm, all that salt.

At the end of the day I made it through my last class with 7 minutes left on my computer battery, a new pimple on my chest, started my paper on pseudoscience, majorily disheveled hair and made a kleenex out of my cardigan (yummmm).

P.S. I also just washed my hair with conditioner TWICE before noticing I was using the wrong bottle. My hair better be damn silky tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My First Road Trip-Part 1

This past Friday I departed on my very first solo road trip. It was a 5 and a half hour drive up to Ottawa to see the man, Ryan for some "Ryan Time" as my extended family have now coined the term. It was the best drive I have ever had. No issues, scares or anything...until I had to pee more than I have ever needed to pay in my entire 20-years of life (Dominique you were right, I should have stopped WAY more often...I was much too stubborn).

I was much too prepared for the drive. I made myself a bagel, brought along some carrots and fruit AND crackers and granola bars all in a cooler bag. In the end I ate the bagel....and that's it. I don't know why I thought I would be so enormously hungry but I wasn't which is probably an amazing thing. And then I wasn't so prepared at all....since I forgot the driving instructions at the house and was forced to use the GPS on my phone the entire way up. I was coming up to Kingston when I looked at my gas and was amazed that I might actually make it to Ottawa one one tank of gas and that's it (with 50kms to spare)! But as soon as I hit Ottawa I decided to pull off and find a bathroom ASAP and top off the gas just in case. As I started back on the road my phone died....along with it all forms of driving direction, communication and love. I was on my own with absolutely NO IDEA of where to go. I knew I needed to get to downtown and I knew the intersection but that's it. I used my brain and pure guts to navigate myself through the crazy city. I took some random back road into town and eventually found myself downtown but no idea where. I was driving and driving around and ended up on a road and took a nice little side trip to Quebec. No big deal. Just visited another province my accident, whatever! By this time I was in my car absolutely bawling my eyes out. I couldn't read this freakin' French signs (and I wish I could), I was lost and I was so pissed I wrecked my perfect driving time. And then all the French people were staring at me, so sad.

So I eventually managed to turn myself around and go back into downtown Ottawa. I found King Edward, a street I knew was one of the key parts of my trip! After that I found Nelson, the street off of Ryan's building! But there was a dead end that I had to go around....and eventually I got there. BUT we weren't finished yet. I couldn't get ahold of Ryan to come down because the plan was to text him once I got there so he could come down and help with all my stuff....but the phone was still dead. So I just stood outside the building with stale tears in my eyes staring at it, trying to use my romantic telepathy to get Ryan to come outside. That didn't end up working so I ran to the nearest pay phone and called him.

After a few minutes of "not being allowed to speak of the trip" I quickly found it one of the most hilarious moments of my life. We spent the rest of the night eating Kraft Dinner (I made Ryan promise we would have it after all the turmoil), lounging around doing nothing and going to bed SUPER early. Phew, I love this!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two Decades

Sometimes I'll go through my blog as if I was a reader myself, just to see what you all see. And while I was reading about me in "About Me" I realized I'm not 19 anymore. I don't think I've quite comprehended that I'm 20 years old yet. I turned 20 RIGHT before camp chaos and never had time to sit back and reflect on it. OH MY GOD I'M TWENTY! I've been here for two complete decades, it just feels so surreal. Like twenty is old, all of a sudden you're an adult. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love it, it's just WHERE ARE MY TEEN YEARS?! Did I take care of them? Did I do all the right things? I feel like a new fad are these "Dear 16-year-old me" letters where people write to their teenage selves telling them things they should have done, worried less about or even worried more about. I thought this was a pretty silly idea since I think I did just fine. Yea, I made mistakes and I was crazy sometimes but that was a necessary part of my life that helped me to grow up. Do I really need to write a letter to myself rehashing all my teenage drama and telling myself what went wrong and what could have gone better?

Well I'll write one anyways since we're on the topic.

Dear 14-year-old Dee,

You're pretty crazy and I know that when you hear that you may get a little offended cause you're pretty sensitive (and you will always be for the most part, but you learn to deal with it) but that craziness will mature into pure enthusiasm and drive and makes you you! A lot of things are going to change, but you should know that change is an amazing thing. You're going to try to be cool and unique and wear long sleeve shirts with your uniform, or just not wear it all and you will be caught but you'll never get in trouble, promise. You will never become a famous cellist, but you probably already knew that since you've stopped practicing already. There's nothing you should worry about, you are young, funny, smart, friendly. You will make mistakes, a lot of them, but you won't let them hold you down (maybe for a little bit but not for long). You are great and you will be great. And that's all there is to it.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

University Tip #2

Tip #2 - Make Friends that Matter

For many of you, you will be coming into University, College, whatever it may be usually alone and that means you will need to recreate and rebuild your "social network" or support system or whatever you feel like calling it. This was the case for me. I came to University with three other students from my high school class, all of whom were acquaintances but not close friends. I had been away from home on my own before but this was real, this was for at least 8 months for at least 4 years. I needed people, what can I say, I'm a people person and I love to talk (and listen).....I'm just loud.

Now I don't need to tell you how to make friends, hopefully you learnt that in kindergarten through high school and if you don't know how to do that then this may be a struggle for you. But that's okay! You can do it! But it's more than that, this is more than just "making a friend" this is meaningful and deep stuff here. Meaningful friends are more than mere acquaintances, they are real, caring, understanding and funny people. They are patient and always there. They don't get annoyed, well they do, but they tell you and you get over it. Meaningful friends are the ones you can count on in stressful times, to study with, to cry with, to have an outrageous time with, to go to the gym with, to tell you you're being ridiculous. These types of friends are crucial and probably hard to find.

I lucked out in my first year. I met the most amazing people, the most amazingly honest, fun and trusting people. Get that? PEOPLE! Not just one! I never had these types of relationships before, the type where no one's scared to let you know that you're being too obnoxious and loud and that you should be studying. Or that you're worried over absolutely nothing. These are the types of relationships and friendships you MUST make during your stay at University. They change your life and make you a better person, well at least I hope so. These types of things may be hard to come by but it's worth it, I promise.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lovin' Joe

Although those Joe Fresh commercials are TERRIBLE (the ones with a random boy or girl looking "indie" or something and making smoldering faces at the camera in slow motion..?) their clothes are always fabulous. BUT and this is a rather huge but, their prices have sky rocketing into the normal-high clothing retail experience which just sucks. Why'd you have to sell out like that Joe, why?!

Anyways, I headed to London's GIANT superstore with an equal giant-sized Joe Fresh within its confines to see what was up in Joe land. As usual they've got it all, and in every colour. It's so hard to resist until you look at the prices and realize that you used to pay a small fraction of the present price and you had fallen in love with Joe for that very reason....or is this just me?...yiekes. I'd potentially go far enough to compare Joe's prices to the Gap, Old Navy is definitely cheaper! And this is a grocery store clothing franchise! Either way for some strange reason, Joe will always remain close to my fashion heart and I will continue to shop there or at least consider it until it gets really bad...but in mean time check out one of my new sweaters....mmmmh love new sweaters in fall!

Don't mind the Stella on the bookshelf...

YEA it's a long one

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bye For Now Camp

After finishing my Final Report for camp last week I decided to turn it into a visually pleasing piece of art (which it really is in it's natural state...this is just more appealing to "normal" people). Welcome to the past 3 months of my life. It just flew by and this makes my SMILE just looking at it! See ya next year.

University Tip #1

I thought to myself, here I have a blog about University life and now that I am more than half way through why not come up with some essential University Life tips for all those fellow University-goers and future University friends.

Tip #1 - Get Involved!

Get involved with your school and get involved FAST. When you get involved you start creating a unique environment for yourself and others. It is the easiest way to meet friends, feel more important out of the thousands of students at school and make a difference. The difference doesn't have to be enormous like saving the world, helping the poor in Uganda or teaching the blind how to read (although some of these things are totally available to you!). The difference could be the difference you make in a fellow student's life, sounds dramatic but it's true. Whether you are directing them to the appropriate line to get their new student card or are helping them with their time management skills or planning a super awesome concert you are making a difference both for others and within yourself.

Don't be afraid to get involved. All the students already involved were in your place at some point. They want you there! No matter what you think of them, the best thing to see as a student leader is new students wanting to get involved.

For me, all my extra-curriculars make planning time WAY easier because there is so much going on I NEED to plan. And that's a skill I have learned on the fly and I'm not sure if I would have mastered it without the beautiful chaos of my school life.

It is so easy to get washed up in school life and forget that you can shape your four years at University to suit what you love to do! So go to the involvement fairs, club days and random campus events. What's the worse that could happen? Meeting someone new with the same interests and ideas as you? Sounds awesome and magical to me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This One's for Alyson

Alyson, my former roommate and great friend pointed out tonight after our Perception and Sensation class that I am just talented at dramatizing random things about my life here and there. So in honour of Alyson's wonderful compliment to me, and the fact that she said right after, "you're going to blog about this aren't you" I have decided to treat you all to some of my random dramatic facts about none other than myself:

1. This is the first time in my life my room has not been on the top floor of a house or residence building.

2. This is the first time I have to walk UP stairs in the morning (see #1).

3. I have only ever dated Italians.

4. I crave nachos and salsa almost all of the time.

5. I will only straighten my hair in the summer in honour of a birthday or I had a wonderful sleep the night before.

6. I absolutely despise Monopoly and will never ever play it. With anyone.

7. This past summer was the first time in countless years I have no participated in an organized sport or physical activity of some kind (note the word "organized", don't judge!).

8. It's going to take me a lifetime to get through this list...

9. It makes my entire day when the person I am wishing to "stalk" pops up easily on Twitter or Facebook.

10. The Lord of the Rings movies make me fall asleep every single time.

11. Alyson and I are THE smartest people in our Perception and Sensation class. Seriously, after one class we already know this.

12. Very first random picture of Alyson and I together.


Hopes and Aspirations

Far away there in the sunshine Are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them... But I can look up and See their beauty...believe in them, And try to follow where they lead. - Louise May Alcott

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MY School

This week's Prompt Me feature at For the Love of Blogs was College...or more specific to me "Why did you choose the college you went/go to". And for all the non-Canadians reading this: College in Canada = University!

I knew I wanted and NEEDED to go to University since the beginning of time but more specifically in about Grade 9. I have always been a planner, I plan every single thing (for the most part) of my life out. I'm telling you I have plans that go until I hit the age of 25 right now. So when I began looking at schools to go to after high school the University of Guelph quickly rose to the top of my list. It's a medium sized school which I felt was perfect. I didn't want to be somewhere too small or too crazy big. It's the perfect distance away from home that I can get there in a jiffy but still have my space. It has the most amazing food in all of schools ever created. I'm serious, Guelph's oncampus food is beyond spectacular. It had an amazing program that I fell in love with after I fell in love with the school which was nice since I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do I just wanted to go to University.

Then in the fall of my Grade 12 year I visited Guelph with my mom. We were supposed to do all this things like a tour and sessions and stuff. But literally as soon as we drove up to the school past the famous South Residences and to the parking lot we looked at each other and knew without saying anything that this was the best school ever. We ended up not even going on a tour because as soon as we stepped on the the campus we knew that there was no doubt that this is where I would be spending AT LEAST the next four years of my life. It was kind of one of those magical moments in life.

Now all I needed was an acceptance letter. I waited and waited and waited. And being the crazy planner I am I applied to 7 different schools. By March I started hearing back very quickly from all of them. I had been accepted into every program. But I wasn't that excited. It was nice to know that I had the kicks to make it to University but I NEEDED to hear from Guelph! By May I had heard from every school except for Guelph. So I told my Dad that I need to really think about this and start making a decision on where to go next year without the Guelph option. I chose the University of Ottawa. I visited the school with my Dad when I was in Grade 11 and I loved it too. I love the small town feel of the big city of Ottawa. I loved the feel of the school and that it was smack dab in the middle of everything. I had accepted my offer from Ottawa to study a major in Anthropology. Anthropology?! I had never even taken a class in Anthropology before, it simply sounds "cool" and "mature" to me and I wanted to BE mature. I knew I could change my program once I got there so I wasn't very concerned and I was happy to be going to Ottawa. My Dad sent out a mass family e-mail letting everyone know I had decided on my school.

Then, a measly week later I got a wonderful miracle in the mail; my Guelph acceptance letter. It was the most the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was glorious and just simply great. I knew right away without saying anything to my parents. We all knew I was changing my mind and going to Guelph. I got into the program I wanted at the school I wanted. How many people are lucky enough to say that?! They can convince themselves of it but I am so wonderfully happy and blessed that I did it!

The University of Guelph has NEVER disappointed since I moved here two years ago. It is everything and literally more than I could have ever expected. I feel so thankful that I get to go to THE best school and that I get to love every minute of it.

While I was running an event this past Orientation Week, a first year student asked what year I was in to which I responded with "3rd year". She then asked me, "Are you ready to start getting ready to graduate next year?" I lost my speech and started to tear up, she noticed it too. This school has done wondrous things for me and I KNOW it will continue to do so for others. I picked the best school ever!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sometimes I'm Awkward, Sometimes I'm Random

Wait for it...wait for it.....RANDOM FACTS! 

* I absolutely hate being outdoors. I hate wind, sun and rain *

* Although most people hate red hair AND hate their own red hair, I have happily never hated mine *

* I like having straight hair if it's down hair and curly hair if it's up * 

* I LOVE turtles *

* I like Nicki Minaj...I know *

* I love wearing nice shoes, even when they give me blisters * 

Sheep Earrings 

First Day of Class

As per the title of this post, today was my first day of classes. My first was Cognitive Psychology which seems pretty interesting but a lot of lecture and paying attention. I had a bit of a break which included a shift at my job, getting my bus pass and playing The Sims on Facebook which is currently my hugest addiction which is sad for many reasons, one of them being that I don't even like Facebook that much. After I had my Parenting class which I have been looking forward to all summer. I won't say it was a letdown but let's say hopefully it will get better. Thanks to my amazing schedule I have no class tomorrow OR Monday! Jealous? I know.

And as many of you will understand the first day of school is a very important one for outfits. Since Kindergarten I have been ingrained with the fact that the first day of school is the ultimate chance for a good first impression and to look your best. So here is the outfit I wore today.

Wore my dark jean jacket and a scarf. 

White T-Shirt from the Gap and Vest from Old Navy. 
Necklace used to have a pendant one it but I took it off! Actually love it this way! 

My shoes! And Khaki skinny jeans. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

O-Week 3.0

Today was my first full day taste of O-Week 2011 at Guelph. I ran an event today which went just fabulously, we definitely had more people show up than I was expecting. In the evening I headed to the Shad & Lights concert which will be probably going down as one of my favourite concerts thus far in my life. It was awesome, the crowd wasn't THE best but that's alright. There were crazy girls infront of us and saying how they felt so old and how this wasn't their own frosh week. So I asked what year they were in....they answered with second. And at that moment I felt like a grandma. There were little children running around this place. All around the day played out perfectly and this is a great start to the year. The only thing that would make it better would be getting this final camp report done by tomorrow...argh.

The bestest and most hilarious and such a chill time. 
(I hate the word was such a nice time?)

Goodbye Summer 2011

In honour of being back at school and summer being pretty much completed, I decided to give a recap of my original summer list I came up with. Here she goes: 

1. Finish donating clothes - I believe I have finished since I struggle to find clothes to wear in the morning lately...but I'm ok with that! 

2. Organize house in some way... - Since we moved most of my stuff back to my place in Guelph the house has been more "house" like and less "storage cubicle" like. 

3. Clean off the treadmill so it may actually be used

4. Go dancing at least once a week - 5/18 weeks
        To be honest, I haven't technically danced a lot lately. Dee has to be pretty happy to get her groove thing on in front of random people. Hopefully this will change by the end of the summer.
Okay so I went dancing a lot more than I thought and working was a lot more tiring and stressful than I thought so I accept this outcome.  

5. Become a summer time vegetarian again? - June 21st - 2 days down
This happened for a few days at a time, never really counted if we're going to be honest. I'll work on this but it's going to take awhile since my mom just made a TON of food for my freezer at school...all with meat. 

6. Buy something from a boutique - Although my mom has loved buying me a few things from some tiny shops in Stratford, I still intend to get something myself! 

7. Keep on top of politics (even after the election)

8. Go to the beach and make a sand castle- Didn't go to the beach...I wanted to conquer my fear of outdoors with this one, that never happened. 

9. Go for a summer drive - just for fun

10. Have a picnic - See #8

11. Read 5 books - Not quite close. I legitimately got one done and started probably four others. 

12. Go to a concert - PLANNING on going to one tonight so it technically still counts as school has not officially started and summer has not officially ended. 

13. Drink less coffee, drink more teaCOUNTLESS cups of tea, 5 cups of coffee

14. See 3 movies - 1. Water For Elephants (May 6) 2. Thor (May 8) 3. Bridesmaids (May 18) 4. Something Borrowed (May 26) 5. Horrible Bosses (July 13) 6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (July 16) 

15. Work on my Italian - Listening to podcasts! 

16. Play a board game

17. Volunteer - 1. Elementary Track meet 

18. Go to Sun Fest - Saturday July 9th 

19. Trip to Toronto - 1. Blue Jays game (June 12) 

20. See a play - Phantom of the Opera (May 14)

Conclusions? I didn't do a terrible job but could have for sure done better. I was thinking about making another Fall List but I realized that one would be even worse with all the visiting I need to catch up with and school work. Tune in for the next chapter: University Adventures Edition 3. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My New Room

I have not really explained my new house at all so here we go. We thought it was AMAZING the first time we saw it. Since there were 6 of us girls looking for a place, every place we saw was really awkward and the house just didn't flow. But then we found this house and it felt like an actual homey house. Then we came back in April and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. There was garbage all over the entire house, the living room flow FULL of disgustingness. The carpets upstairs are all stained and the colours in the room were dark brown, burgundy red, hunter green to name a few.
Ew. The mirror and light are nice but ew, so dark! 

Ew so gross. 

ARGH triple gross! 

So my mommy dearest, interior designer extrordinaire totally took over and made our place amazing! She re-vamped two of our bathrooms, got us a new faucet for our kitchen sink, laminate floors in our living room, painted the two living rooms and kitchen, painted my room and got a wonderful closet put in as there was no closet in my room beforehand (and she did much more too!). Here are a few pictures of my new room that I love. In case you can't tell from the vents, I'm in the basement which is a new experience. And as you can tell again these pictures were taken with my laptop, send me a camera cord or just a beautiful new camera PLEASE!

The view from my door: new bed frame! 

My "preparation" space and laundry basket! 

Extra hooks for bags, necklaces and other things that hang

My bookcase 


My new little cabinet which will be home to my printer. Ikea named him Erik and my friend Tyler was awesome enough to help him come to life. 

My awesome make-shift closet! It's going to always have to be neat and where to hide a mess! 

I picked up my friend from U of T at the temporary bus station in downtown Guelph (took us awhile and some angry faces to find the place) to spend an afternoon. We headed to the annual Pep Rally and watched a few boogies. It was alright until it started to rain so thanks to good ol' Sally (that's the name that I keep sticking to my car) we got to leave wheneverrrrr we wanted. Such bliss! We spent the rest of the evening catching up and playing some Taboo but man was I tired. I definitely need to catch up on some sleep for the semester starts. Happy Holiday Monday!