Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's One of THOSE Days

Today is for sure one of "those" days. One of those days where in the mere first hour of your day so many things go wrong that just make you want to hate the world. I'll make a list for you:

1. Woke up and took a inconceivable amount of time to get dressed
2. Just caught the bus
3. Got pushed and dropped mug
4. Spotted the jerk from the library the day before and gave him the stink eye for the majoirty of the ride (story on this issue below)
5. Bought a bagel...dropped it on the ground...still ate it
6. Apparently forgot textbook at home

So clearly, this are not REALLY catastrophic tribulations but it's just those little things that get you frustrated. By the end of it all, it's just a very laughable time.

Back to the jerk from the library last night. I was cozying up in my little cubicle and writing a paper, slowly but surely. I decided to head down a floor and as soon as I got there people were leaving from a glorious large, nicely placed table next to a plug, so I grabbed it. I put ALL my stuff down, my bag, coat, scarf, laptop, articles, books, headphones, etc. and went to tell the friends about my magnificent find. When we returned we managed to find five jerks who sat down and shoved all of my stuff over. CLEARLY I was going to be sitting there with all that stuff on top of the table, what if I was just in the bathroom? We moved my stuff (with no help from the jerks) and left, with a few mentions of how rude they were. I then realized that only real nerds get this pissed off about people stealing spots in a library.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hot Hot Baby Tonight

I've been having a really busy two weeks-month time lately so my roommate and I decided to let loose a tiny bit and go to funk night last night. But I knew something was wrong when we went over to our friends prior and I was FREEEEZING cold. So cold I was covering myself with a blanket up to my eyes. We then headed downtown for FUNK night, in the midst of some even more freezing weather. And now as I awake I feel feverish, stuffy, and sore throaty, of course this would happen. Because I was supposed to give a tour to my little high school potential friends but not only am I feeling completely under the weather, but my presences is expected at 9:15 am....buses don't start on Sundays until 9:45 am. A little tricky for even the time-space continuum to fix.

So instead I am going to put on some very large, warm clothing and start a paper. My last paper of the year!

In other news regarding said involvement endeavours I will be beginning two very interesting positions in the Fall of 2011 (can't believe this will be my third Fall semester already!). I will be a Peer Helper in the Judicial Office unit as well as Vice President of Academics on the Bachelor of Arts and Science Student Association. You have no idea how excited I am about these positions! And you all should be too, hopefully this means some great stories for next year!

The Dress me and Mom picked out yesterday--love it!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I have spent the last few days calming my world down a bit. Not in a sense of pure calmness more in a sense of planning. Planning the future, planning the weekend, the week, the summer, the year, I'd say I've got a good hold on the next 6-8 years.

Even though it is supposed to snow this week, I refuse to believe in it and I can most likely say that I will remain wearing my spring jackets for the rest of spring now. You just can't skip back and forth between seasons and season attire. It's plain wrong.

The boyfriend is creating his own blog in the upcoming days. It may only be in the "thinktank" portion of the development but I can already tell that it's just going to totally overpower mine because my blog fails to really have it's own "niche" or so they say. But that's fine, oh that is just totally fine, I will keep blogging my unique blogs and stay true to one of my few friends: the blog.

What to look forward to:
  • Updates on my involvement endeavors
  • Exam woes
  • Wrap up of second year
  • Summer lovin'

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleep Cycle

After three hours of sleep last night, my entire routine is discombobulated. When I got home after meetings and interviews, work and class, I began my bedtime routine: at 7:00 pm. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and heading to bed by 7:30. I then made the boyfriend promise to wake me up an hour later, as it is hell week and I need to get A LOT accomplished. But I was so tired so I slept until 9 pm. We talked for awhile and had some wonderful laughs and we went to bed at 10:45 pm, a pretty good bed time if I don't say so myself.

And here we are now, I am wide awake yet again and don't know what to do with myself. I know I should just catch up on sleep and be ready to conquer tomorrow, but I can't stop thinking that I haven't done anything tonight!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Night Class vs. Day Class?

So I have never had a night class through half of my undergrad degree thus far. And I would say that in itself may be considered an accomplishment? I'm really not a night person in the least. Anyone who really knows me will know that right away. At about 8:00 pm I start winding down, and by 11:00 I am the crabbiest, grumpiest, little kid out there.

My dilemma for my following school year is that I want to be involved as much as I can. And since most of these involvements occur during the day, it might be idea to fit as much class as I can during the night for two reasons:

1. I have ample time to accomplish AND be available for my extra-curriculars
2. Since we have determined I am NOT a night person, I do work better through the morning/afternoon

And the few cons to night classes I can come up with are:

1. I am not a night person
2. I'll probably get hungry
3. I will potentially be at school for over 12 hours a day....which is actually not a con at all

NOTE: Apparently a lot of people blog during their night classes...that is promising!

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of the most greatest feelings in the world is thinking about your future (both immediate and not so immediate) and actually feeling excited about it!

As some of you may very well know and some of you perhaps no so much, I am a stickler for everything: my academics, my extracurriculars, timing, dress, everything. I am constantly nittering around with my class schedule and degree program seeing what I should and should not be taking. It came to my attention last night that changing my minor to a slightly different one would allow for the better change at a higher GPA. I realized that I was trying too hard to convince myself and others that I could do something just for the sake of saying I could do it. But is it realistic for what I want to accomplish in life? Not so much.

So it's really nice to know when planning out my life as I say, that I feel excited and happy about these course selections. Great end to a VERY busy day. Let me tell you about it:

6:30 Wake Up
7:50 Leave House
8:30 Class
9:30 Judicial Interview
10:30-12:30 Work
12:30 Group Project Meeting
1:30 Class
2:30-6:00 Lab
6:30 Walk Home in wet, hail, windy, snow storm

As you may have noticed, there was no break for food, water, bathroom, any of the necessities. But I loved every second of today. I haven't been this busy in awhile and I completely enjoyed it and I look forward to next year when hopefully most days are this crazy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Relaxing Night...

That shouldn't be relaxing at all.

I've got a presentation next week that I need to be prepared for. A lab tomorrow. Interviews tomorrow and Thursday. A midterm next week. 2 assignments due next week. And I'm not stressed? It's probably the strangest feeling ever since usually when there is little to stress about I am stressed. Perhaps it's evolutionary theory...or something?

Is it just me or are people my aged obsessed with going to raves and whatever these DJ events are? I feel like Manny on Modern Family, like I'm too old for my own good. I have no interest in these "parties" and as proven this past weekend, would much rather have the house all to myself and get a wonderful sleep then get sweaty and sick and sleep all day. Well actually I wouldn't mind sleeping all day.

You know what's a little saddening? I was just thinking to myself "I should really start something exciting on my blog like......cooking an entire recipe book and bloging about it? Or...something else?" When I realized the whole point of this is for me to convey my crazy college days and I totally forget the novel feeling of being in university, I just feel way too old today!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

And We Thought It was Spring...

For a second there, the snow was all gone and then BANG about 3 inches of it are back. And I thought, why not start writing again (this seems to be a major theme in this blog).

As for school life, it's good yet tough. This upcoming week is a slight break from major midterms and assignments but should potentially be used to prepare for the last stretch of the semester. Only 1 midterm, 2 papers, 4 quizzes, 3 assignments, 2 online discussions, 2 labs, 1 lab exam, 1 presentation and 4 exams left.

Life is pretty dull right now. Nothing exciting happening or about to happen so it's hard to have the drive right now. It's there but not at it's heightened peak.

Things to look forward to hearing from me and my adventures in this blog:
  • 2 interviews this week for job/volunteer positions with the school
  • Getting my first car
  • Helping organize, invite, promote, etc. my department's yearly banquet
  • Giving tours of my campus
  • My awesome summer job as a summer camp Coordinator!