Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ontario Travel Adventures

Hi all, it's sure been awhile,

BUT one of my new years resolutions was to write more so here goes it!

Today is actually my "seventh" year anniversary with the best, Ryan. Since January is the happiest of months...(sarcasm) we usually try to do something together for the occasion. This year that involved me making a trek to Ontario's arctic, otherwise known as Ottawa. With school just starting up for the both of us and our planning skills lacking we managed to book my methods of transportation the day before I left, this past Friday.

The whole idea seemed a little crazy as I was taking a bus ten minutes after class to Toronto, arriving at 5:15 and catching the 5:30 bus to Ottawa. At first glance this seems like an alright plan. No. Little do people know how really messed up bus schedules are. I soon realized that I would prefer not to have a 15 minute gap to run to the train station, down to the gate, up an escalator and then find the train and car and just pure craziness. So I then planned on taking the 2:15 bus. Quick sidenote: the bus only comes to campus if there are empty seats, otherwise one is seriously out of luck, continuing on. I had a biochemistry quiz at 1:30 which was only supposed to take half an hour, so perfect timing. Patricia and I (whom was also taking the bus to Toronto with me) showed up to biochemistry with time to spare. But 1:30 came around and they would not let us in the room, they were setting up the oh so important quizzes. 1:40 rolls around and I begin to panic, the longer we wait the higher the chance we will miss the bus. We finally get in at 1:45, a whole century later and begin writing shortly after. We are finished around 2:00 but the professor will not let us leave.

Great. So we must sit for the next few minutes staring at the clock, minorly freaking out. Once the quiz has ended we are allowed to leave, or so we thought. WE CAN'T LEAVE UNTIL THE FACILITATORS HAVE COLLECTED EVERY SINGLE QUIZ FROM 500 STUDENTS. Are they just trying to take time up or was there a particular reason for causing anxiety?

Once they collect our exams we book it out of there and run to the bus stop on campus...there is a line of FIFTY people waiting. As soon as we get in line we know that there is no way we are going to get a spot if the bus EVEN DOES show up. Here comes Deanna's freakout #2 (#1 was waiting for the doors to open so I could write a biochemistry quiz..), I start realizing I am not going to make it on time to Toronto to catch the train, I call Ryan, vent for a few minutes and continue on this so called adventure. So Patricia decides that at 2:45 (the bus was to leave downtown Guelph at 2:15) if no bus shows, we would take the city bus to the downtown terminal and make sure we get a spot on the 3:30 bus just to be safe. We start walking away from the Toronto bus line and turn around and realize....that there doesn't seem to be 50 people after all. Oh crap, we may have just done something so so so unnecessary but we can't go back so off to downtown Guelph we go.

We get off the city bus and walk/run to the Greyhound station only to see a bus waiting in the terminal. We start running and run into the station and ask the closest worker where that bus is going, "TORONTO". Before I can even say freakout #3 we are getting on to the 2:15 bus to Toronto at 2:50. We leave the station and head to campus and four people in the 50 person line are allowed on, to what I say "SUCKERS!".

I get to the Toronto train station half an hour before my train is to leave.

No big deal, no big deal at all.