Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why November Sucks

November is my least favourite month. Mostly because it is precisely the most boring, sad, not fun month out there. I mean what is there to look forward to in November....Remembrance Day? Nothing against Remembrance Day or anything but it's not one of my top 10 holidays, seasons, days or anything really. It's probably the dreariest of seasons, in between that crisp fall and snowfall, just cold fog and rain and overall blah feeling. Do you stick your beloved fall jacket or convert to the winter warrior? Awful time of year I tell you, awful. Here, I'll make it more clear.
  • January - First month of the year! New beginnings and a brand new semester to look forward to. 
  • February - Valentine's Day (eww..but kind of something to look forward to in the least) and Reading Week!
  • March - Beginning signs of Spring (hopefully)
  • April - School is ending, the sun is beginning to shine and can head back to those fall/spring jackets
  • May - The most beautiful month! Not too hot and not too cold. 
  • June - My birthday month of course PLUS camp starts! 
  • July - It's summer so it's pretty cool
  • August - See July 
  • September - BACK TO SCHOOL. Oh boy, I love school. 
  • October - One of THE best months. Gorgeous colours, beautiful weather, Thanksgiving AND Halloween
  • November - poop
  • December - Snowy bliss, advent calendars, Christmas, family and friends 

See what I mean?

Pretty Design, Cute Design, Pretty, Pretty....November gets an oven?!

On another awful note, how horrible is it that there is not a single Gap in Guelph? Why has this not been fixed? I have an instore credit and I'm going to have to travel to another city to use it?! Now Guelph really does feel like rural-esque city. Moo.

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