Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Oh boy, do we ever tend to celebritize deaths these days. I understand that Steve was a pretty big deal and everything, I mean I'm currently typing this post on a Macbook Pro but do we really need to reminisce on all the commercials and ads that Apple has produced in the past however many years? Do we really need to remember every little thing that he did? Sure, he made computer products much more user friendly but in his death he becomes a hero?

Maybe it's because Apple has always been a "movement". There's always been that war against Windows or "PC" (which makes no sense since both companies are "PCs"...but anyways). It's like the great leader of the Apple side of the war has died and we are left without a saviour. Okay, that may be a little dramatic but this seems to be taken out of control. People are posting all over twitter and facebook their little "RIP Steve" statuses. You didn't even know the guy. You haven't lost anything. I know you appreciate the Apple brand but this seems a little ridiculous to me. I mean even the Westboro Baptist Church is using this as a launching pad...come on now. If people didn't make this such a big deal would they still be picketing his funeral..? Just wondering.

Please don't hate me.

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