Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look At Me Go

Hey, hey! Look, it's my very first "feature". And I'm so happy my first feature of my little life is taking place over at How to be a Redhead, how so very appropriate. Make sure you check out this wonderful site, it's pretty awesome. In honour of this milestone I thought I'd write a post all about being a redhead.

Why I love being a redhead: 
1. You can notice me from a distance
2. If I can't come up with a good accessory to wear, I've always got my hair 
3. People always ask, "is that your natural hair colour?" Why yes, yes it is. 
4. I enjoy my natural pale skin and my funny pale tans 
5. Sometime pimples can be disguised as freckles 
6. I throughly enjoy curly and straight red hair 
7. I have never plucked my eyebrows because their so light 
8. You can't tell if I haven't shaved my legs in awhile (see #7) 
9. I have fun random freckles in fun places
10. Certain colours really make redheads look amazing (seriously, more than other hair colours) 

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