Friday, October 14, 2011


Oh hey there blog, I guess we both got busy with our own respective lives but here's to hanging out again! Today was a pretty fun(ny) day. Stephanie, one of my bestest friends, tweeted that she really wanted to see the Arkells in London tonight so I tweeted her back and said "we should go!". So long story short she worked out all the logistics, got us tickets and we're heading down tonight after her calculus midterm (did I mention she also has a chemistry midterm tomorrow morning...don't worry I warned her). So I'm pretty excited about all this spontaneity! WOOOO!

For awhile now my mind has constantly been on hair. Long hair, short hair, straight hair, wavy hair. Hair is amazing. And mine is getting so boring. It's at that awkward length between short and kind of long and it's not curly or straight anymore.

For example:

Straight Hair

Curly Hair

My Hair: None of the above. 

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