Thursday, September 15, 2011

University Tip #1

I thought to myself, here I have a blog about University life and now that I am more than half way through why not come up with some essential University Life tips for all those fellow University-goers and future University friends.

Tip #1 - Get Involved!

Get involved with your school and get involved FAST. When you get involved you start creating a unique environment for yourself and others. It is the easiest way to meet friends, feel more important out of the thousands of students at school and make a difference. The difference doesn't have to be enormous like saving the world, helping the poor in Uganda or teaching the blind how to read (although some of these things are totally available to you!). The difference could be the difference you make in a fellow student's life, sounds dramatic but it's true. Whether you are directing them to the appropriate line to get their new student card or are helping them with their time management skills or planning a super awesome concert you are making a difference both for others and within yourself.

Don't be afraid to get involved. All the students already involved were in your place at some point. They want you there! No matter what you think of them, the best thing to see as a student leader is new students wanting to get involved.

For me, all my extra-curriculars make planning time WAY easier because there is so much going on I NEED to plan. And that's a skill I have learned on the fly and I'm not sure if I would have mastered it without the beautiful chaos of my school life.

It is so easy to get washed up in school life and forget that you can shape your four years at University to suit what you love to do! So go to the involvement fairs, club days and random campus events. What's the worse that could happen? Meeting someone new with the same interests and ideas as you? Sounds awesome and magical to me.

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