Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This One's for Alyson

Alyson, my former roommate and great friend pointed out tonight after our Perception and Sensation class that I am just talented at dramatizing random things about my life here and there. So in honour of Alyson's wonderful compliment to me, and the fact that she said right after, "you're going to blog about this aren't you" I have decided to treat you all to some of my random dramatic facts about none other than myself:

1. This is the first time in my life my room has not been on the top floor of a house or residence building.

2. This is the first time I have to walk UP stairs in the morning (see #1).

3. I have only ever dated Italians.

4. I crave nachos and salsa almost all of the time.

5. I will only straighten my hair in the summer in honour of a birthday or I had a wonderful sleep the night before.

6. I absolutely despise Monopoly and will never ever play it. With anyone.

7. This past summer was the first time in countless years I have no participated in an organized sport or physical activity of some kind (note the word "organized", don't judge!).

8. It's going to take me a lifetime to get through this list...

9. It makes my entire day when the person I am wishing to "stalk" pops up easily on Twitter or Facebook.

10. The Lord of the Rings movies make me fall asleep every single time.

11. Alyson and I are THE smartest people in our Perception and Sensation class. Seriously, after one class we already know this.

12. Very first random picture of Alyson and I together.


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