Sunday, September 11, 2011

MY School

This week's Prompt Me feature at For the Love of Blogs was College...or more specific to me "Why did you choose the college you went/go to". And for all the non-Canadians reading this: College in Canada = University!

I knew I wanted and NEEDED to go to University since the beginning of time but more specifically in about Grade 9. I have always been a planner, I plan every single thing (for the most part) of my life out. I'm telling you I have plans that go until I hit the age of 25 right now. So when I began looking at schools to go to after high school the University of Guelph quickly rose to the top of my list. It's a medium sized school which I felt was perfect. I didn't want to be somewhere too small or too crazy big. It's the perfect distance away from home that I can get there in a jiffy but still have my space. It has the most amazing food in all of schools ever created. I'm serious, Guelph's oncampus food is beyond spectacular. It had an amazing program that I fell in love with after I fell in love with the school which was nice since I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do I just wanted to go to University.

Then in the fall of my Grade 12 year I visited Guelph with my mom. We were supposed to do all this things like a tour and sessions and stuff. But literally as soon as we drove up to the school past the famous South Residences and to the parking lot we looked at each other and knew without saying anything that this was the best school ever. We ended up not even going on a tour because as soon as we stepped on the the campus we knew that there was no doubt that this is where I would be spending AT LEAST the next four years of my life. It was kind of one of those magical moments in life.

Now all I needed was an acceptance letter. I waited and waited and waited. And being the crazy planner I am I applied to 7 different schools. By March I started hearing back very quickly from all of them. I had been accepted into every program. But I wasn't that excited. It was nice to know that I had the kicks to make it to University but I NEEDED to hear from Guelph! By May I had heard from every school except for Guelph. So I told my Dad that I need to really think about this and start making a decision on where to go next year without the Guelph option. I chose the University of Ottawa. I visited the school with my Dad when I was in Grade 11 and I loved it too. I love the small town feel of the big city of Ottawa. I loved the feel of the school and that it was smack dab in the middle of everything. I had accepted my offer from Ottawa to study a major in Anthropology. Anthropology?! I had never even taken a class in Anthropology before, it simply sounds "cool" and "mature" to me and I wanted to BE mature. I knew I could change my program once I got there so I wasn't very concerned and I was happy to be going to Ottawa. My Dad sent out a mass family e-mail letting everyone know I had decided on my school.

Then, a measly week later I got a wonderful miracle in the mail; my Guelph acceptance letter. It was the most the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was glorious and just simply great. I knew right away without saying anything to my parents. We all knew I was changing my mind and going to Guelph. I got into the program I wanted at the school I wanted. How many people are lucky enough to say that?! They can convince themselves of it but I am so wonderfully happy and blessed that I did it!

The University of Guelph has NEVER disappointed since I moved here two years ago. It is everything and literally more than I could have ever expected. I feel so thankful that I get to go to THE best school and that I get to love every minute of it.

While I was running an event this past Orientation Week, a first year student asked what year I was in to which I responded with "3rd year". She then asked me, "Are you ready to start getting ready to graduate next year?" I lost my speech and started to tear up, she noticed it too. This school has done wondrous things for me and I KNOW it will continue to do so for others. I picked the best school ever!

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