Thursday, September 29, 2011

My First Road Trip-Part 2

Once I got to Ottawa cooled down about the crazy roads and French people (just kidding French people aren't crazy...). Friday we spent the night eating Kraft Dinner which I had been craving since the start of school (obviously the start of school signals the start of lots of Kraft Dinner eating). PLUS it was the white cheddar KD which is not as good as President's Choice's white cheddar but still amazing.

Saturday afternoon we headed into the rural outskirts of Ottawa to meet up with some of my family and visit for as long as we could! My Oma was just HILARIOUS this past weekend. I haven't seen her so sarcastic and funny in awhile and it was awesome. It was a great visit and got to see so much family in one spot which was perfect. It was there that "Ryan Time" was invented and I'm loving the term. That night we had our own dinner together at what seems to be our usual spot, a pub in the neighbourhood. We both got awesome burgers that (him: elk and me: lamb) had amaaaazing goat cheese on them, another one of our favourites. That night was my first experience in downtown Ottawa....and it was spectacular. I loved it! Awesome music, awesome people, beautiful downtown!

Sunday was fantasy hockey draft day for the Ottawa boys so as I studied for my midterm, Ryan studied for his draft. He literally had pages of notes for this draft which I thought was hilarious, yet very smart. The draft then consisted of lots of yelling, noises and "chirps". All in all I had a great weekend and went from despising the city of Ottawa to loving it. I absolutely love the atmosphere, people and everything!

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  1. What did Oma say this time? Hehehehe, I love her. She's great. Did you see all the Sylvestre boys? SOOOOOO adorable! Oh and your lil son too ;)
    OH! I MISS PRESIDENT'S CHOICE WHITE CHEDDAR MAC N CHEESE!!!! You're making me want some right now. Hmmm there is a box of White Cheddar mac N cheese in my cupboard currently. Hmmmm....