Sunday, September 25, 2011

My First Road Trip-Part 1

This past Friday I departed on my very first solo road trip. It was a 5 and a half hour drive up to Ottawa to see the man, Ryan for some "Ryan Time" as my extended family have now coined the term. It was the best drive I have ever had. No issues, scares or anything...until I had to pee more than I have ever needed to pay in my entire 20-years of life (Dominique you were right, I should have stopped WAY more often...I was much too stubborn).

I was much too prepared for the drive. I made myself a bagel, brought along some carrots and fruit AND crackers and granola bars all in a cooler bag. In the end I ate the bagel....and that's it. I don't know why I thought I would be so enormously hungry but I wasn't which is probably an amazing thing. And then I wasn't so prepared at all....since I forgot the driving instructions at the house and was forced to use the GPS on my phone the entire way up. I was coming up to Kingston when I looked at my gas and was amazed that I might actually make it to Ottawa one one tank of gas and that's it (with 50kms to spare)! But as soon as I hit Ottawa I decided to pull off and find a bathroom ASAP and top off the gas just in case. As I started back on the road my phone died....along with it all forms of driving direction, communication and love. I was on my own with absolutely NO IDEA of where to go. I knew I needed to get to downtown and I knew the intersection but that's it. I used my brain and pure guts to navigate myself through the crazy city. I took some random back road into town and eventually found myself downtown but no idea where. I was driving and driving around and ended up on a road and took a nice little side trip to Quebec. No big deal. Just visited another province my accident, whatever! By this time I was in my car absolutely bawling my eyes out. I couldn't read this freakin' French signs (and I wish I could), I was lost and I was so pissed I wrecked my perfect driving time. And then all the French people were staring at me, so sad.

So I eventually managed to turn myself around and go back into downtown Ottawa. I found King Edward, a street I knew was one of the key parts of my trip! After that I found Nelson, the street off of Ryan's building! But there was a dead end that I had to go around....and eventually I got there. BUT we weren't finished yet. I couldn't get ahold of Ryan to come down because the plan was to text him once I got there so he could come down and help with all my stuff....but the phone was still dead. So I just stood outside the building with stale tears in my eyes staring at it, trying to use my romantic telepathy to get Ryan to come outside. That didn't end up working so I ran to the nearest pay phone and called him.

After a few minutes of "not being allowed to speak of the trip" I quickly found it one of the most hilarious moments of my life. We spent the rest of the night eating Kraft Dinner (I made Ryan promise we would have it after all the turmoil), lounging around doing nothing and going to bed SUPER early. Phew, I love this!


  1. I am so proud of you DD! Your first big road trip - I love it! There should be more of those :) You did the right thing about packing your car with snacks for sure and I'm sad to see that you got lost and was extremely frustrated but I'm definitely glad that you can now laugh at it. Aw man your first big road trip! You got to Ryan - SUCCESS!

  2. TINA! I always love your comments, they make me smile for a super long time. I hope that I get to see you soon! And hope all the amazing running is going fabulous