Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lovin' Joe

Although those Joe Fresh commercials are TERRIBLE (the ones with a random boy or girl looking "indie" or something and making smoldering faces at the camera in slow motion..?) their clothes are always fabulous. BUT and this is a rather huge but, their prices have sky rocketing into the normal-high clothing retail experience which just sucks. Why'd you have to sell out like that Joe, why?!

Anyways, I headed to London's GIANT superstore with an equal giant-sized Joe Fresh within its confines to see what was up in Joe land. As usual they've got it all, and in every colour. It's so hard to resist until you look at the prices and realize that you used to pay a small fraction of the present price and you had fallen in love with Joe for that very reason....or is this just me?...yiekes. I'd potentially go far enough to compare Joe's prices to the Gap, Old Navy is definitely cheaper! And this is a grocery store clothing franchise! Either way for some strange reason, Joe will always remain close to my fashion heart and I will continue to shop there or at least consider it until it gets really bad...but in mean time check out one of my new sweaters....mmmmh love new sweaters in fall!

Don't mind the Stella on the bookshelf...

YEA it's a long one

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