Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Packing/Moving Time!

My summer is officially over?! Wow, and I keep saying it but this is by the far the fastest summer I have ever lived through. Yesterday was my last day of work and the longest one to date I started at 7:45pm and finished at 7:45pm. Looking back on that now I realize I didn't pay myself long enough...oops. I was SO tired by the time I got home from visiting for the last time with the boy at 1:15am. Then back up at 6:30am to head back to his house and see him off on his journey for the last time. Today we both start our third year in university. We are more than half way there now! And we've had some bumps along the long distanceness of our relationship for eight months a year but that's okay and makes everything else about us grow and be better people in general.

Now I am currently trying to pack, I hate it. If you know me at all you know that I have WAY too much stuff. And so it's hard to pack/decide what I really need and leave home base again. On top of that I am blessed to be a girl where I require make up, hair stuff (lots of hair stuff), shampoo, soap, SHOES (so many shoes) and etc. etc. I am convinced that girls cost double if not more than boys do.

I shall welcome you to my new home tonight or tomorrow and grace you with my new beautiful bedroom! I haven't even seen it yet in all its glory myself so this will be very exciting and I welcome you to join me!

Happy moving day to all you students out there!

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