Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer 2011

In honour of being back at school and summer being pretty much completed, I decided to give a recap of my original summer list I came up with. Here she goes: 

1. Finish donating clothes - I believe I have finished since I struggle to find clothes to wear in the morning lately...but I'm ok with that! 

2. Organize house in some way... - Since we moved most of my stuff back to my place in Guelph the house has been more "house" like and less "storage cubicle" like. 

3. Clean off the treadmill so it may actually be used

4. Go dancing at least once a week - 5/18 weeks
        To be honest, I haven't technically danced a lot lately. Dee has to be pretty happy to get her groove thing on in front of random people. Hopefully this will change by the end of the summer.
Okay so I went dancing a lot more than I thought and working was a lot more tiring and stressful than I thought so I accept this outcome.  

5. Become a summer time vegetarian again? - June 21st - 2 days down
This happened for a few days at a time, never really counted if we're going to be honest. I'll work on this but it's going to take awhile since my mom just made a TON of food for my freezer at school...all with meat. 

6. Buy something from a boutique - Although my mom has loved buying me a few things from some tiny shops in Stratford, I still intend to get something myself! 

7. Keep on top of politics (even after the election)

8. Go to the beach and make a sand castle- Didn't go to the beach...I wanted to conquer my fear of outdoors with this one, that never happened. 

9. Go for a summer drive - just for fun

10. Have a picnic - See #8

11. Read 5 books - Not quite close. I legitimately got one done and started probably four others. 

12. Go to a concert - PLANNING on going to one tonight so it technically still counts as school has not officially started and summer has not officially ended. 

13. Drink less coffee, drink more teaCOUNTLESS cups of tea, 5 cups of coffee

14. See 3 movies - 1. Water For Elephants (May 6) 2. Thor (May 8) 3. Bridesmaids (May 18) 4. Something Borrowed (May 26) 5. Horrible Bosses (July 13) 6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (July 16) 

15. Work on my Italian - Listening to podcasts! 

16. Play a board game

17. Volunteer - 1. Elementary Track meet 

18. Go to Sun Fest - Saturday July 9th 

19. Trip to Toronto - 1. Blue Jays game (June 12) 

20. See a play - Phantom of the Opera (May 14)

Conclusions? I didn't do a terrible job but could have for sure done better. I was thinking about making another Fall List but I realized that one would be even worse with all the visiting I need to catch up with and school work. Tune in for the next chapter: University Adventures Edition 3. 


  1. You've inspired me. I want to make a list for Autumn :)

  2. I Love you list!!!! Totally makes me want to write my own for the fall/winter. I also love the honesty you have with it cause who really get everything done on a list.