Sunday, August 14, 2011


There are only TWO weekends left until I get my butt outta London and kick it back in Guelph. It's a bittersweet  time again, because I absolutely love school, Guelph and having my own life outside of London. It's sucky because Ryan will be going back to Ottawa and I won't have breakfast made for me every morning I come down from my bedroom and head to work.

So this weekend's main event was my best friend Steph's fundraiser for her soccer team. They are going to Europe next summer for a tournament in Spain and exhibition games in Germany, France and Italy. So freaking jealous...but she definitely deserves to have an awesome trip. So her and her teammates put on a beer pong tournament, it was technically my first ever. And anything that involves a team name and costumes just calls my name so of course I wanted to go all out but I had very few ideas. So thanks to a friend from work she came up with "The Ultimate Ninjas" (a classic camp game this year) and we were going to be the best ninjas ever. I was even considering getting some nunchucks for the event. But as we were getting changed I found AWESOME shirts in my we were from then on THE INCREDIBLES! After a few arguments over exactly how much spandex we should really wear we eventually came up with this:

I swear I am not actually THAT much taller than Ryan...he was leaning over in a menacing way

I was so nervous for the tournament because I was convinced there would be tears of anger and frustration in my lack of beer pong skills. But we were actually amazing! We made the playoffs but lost in the semi-finals. One heck of a first appearance if I do say so myself. 


  1. Hey
    just came fron ftlob. Congrats on your beer pong Skills.
    Also I'm in the same situation as you heading back to uni in a fee weeks. I'm excited but also dreading the work.

  2. I hope you are thanking your mom for the breakfast EVERY morning??????