Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesdays

{one} what was one thing that you valued when you were a kid?
Make believe time and feeling like I could do anything I wanted in my life....times are a changing

{two} what was your favorite (+ lease favorite) subject in school?
My favourite subject in ELEMENTARY school was definitely math and my least favourite for most of my childhood years was English. 

{three} do you remember your first love?
Ummm yes, I see him almost everyday (and get to kiss him everyday) 

{four} what one pet would you love to have?
A turtle. Hands down. 

{five} would you rather live in the country or in the city?
The city. I like being in the middle of everything and being around people. Easy to get around, and to get to friends and family. 

{six} what do you love about blogging?
SO much creativity and it's pretty therapeutic. 

{seven} what is the first website you visit everyday?

{eight} will you or have you joined google+?
I have not joined annnnd I still need to learn more about it. 

{nine} what is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?
Some like apple spice perhaps?

{ten} how would you describe your style?
I like to think I am Indie but I'm not really at all. If I really want to be I can pull it off but I'd say (sadly) that I'm more of a preppy girl. 

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