Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping Day with Momma

I woke up this morning to my mother telling me there is a HUGE sale at the Gap apparently. When I was growing up I absolutely DESPISED the Gap. Why you ask? For the simple reason that the word "Gap" was plastered in huge, bright letters on every piece of their clothing. I'm serious, or at least that's how I really felt.

But these days, the Gap has actually turned into something quite cozy, classic and awesome. I almost always stop by the Gap when I'm in a mall but never ever buy anything because I can't convince myself to buy a T-shirt for $30. BUT now that everything is 30% off, I might just be able to get TWO T-shirts for $30, WOW (sarcasm, hint hint). But seriously it makes me feel a whole lot better about spending my money.

And off we go to the mall!

Update: For some reason the logical thoughts never crossed my mind. Obviously since there was a huge sale on, I felt that I could buy MORE than I ever have before. What a terrible, terrible mistake. I spent the most money I have ever spent at one clothing store before in my life. I first couldn't breath, then had a minor clothing store heart attack and then was convinced I was going to be sick but I overcame. And as an extra bonus I lost a pant size, somehow so all is equal in the universe. 

What I got: 
Khaki coloured jean legging
Dark Blue jean legging (too small now that I've tried them on....) 
Mauve cowl neck top
White and blue polka dot shirt
Black silky T-shirt
White & Grey plain T-shirts
Green Shirt 
Navy Blue and Black Skirt 


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  1. I love love love love love Gap. Currently I'm addicted to their soft T's. V neck or swoop neck. They are awesomeeeeee.