Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving On....I Mean Out

This summer has been my first "go-go-go" summer. With my new job/position I was stressed and tired pretty much everyday of the summer. I was always worrying about the next thing: staffing concerns, camper concerns, if the activity tomorrow would work, if it wouldn't and so on and so on. I don't think I've lived with so much stress hormone output before. Last night while driving some work friends home, one mentioned that going back to school is like his summer "break". Because this summer was definitely no vacation.

Now that I only have 5.5 days left of living at the home base in London (Ontario...don't get too excited), I am finally getting sick of it. Which is a big feat from last year when I was ready to go back to school in June. It's a very different atmosphere and living environment being at home. I go from having every responsibility at school, waking up myself, finding a way to school, and I get to go whenever I want without justifying myself. At home, I don't do that much around the house cause it's home (which is pretty bad I know), I have to tell my mom where I am all the time and explain myself when I want to wear a certain outfit or hang out at a certain time. It's that funny time in life when I am no longer a child but I guess I'm not an adult either. I find this WAY more frustrating than being a teenager in high school. I think this is the first time I can see and feel a clear STAGE in my life while I am living it. Which may indeed be a good thing since I can work on it as it's happening instead of realizing it years down the road. If you know what I mean. And now that I'm thinking about I feel like I need a new ADVENTURE. What could that be? I have no clue, but I will work on it. You work on it too.


  1. When I was in 3rd year university, I spent a month living with my parents again between apartments. Not good - they can't help but parent you and you don't need to be parented (in that way) anymore.

    You're about an hour away from me by the way - did you see any funnel clouds during the huge storm on Wednesday night? I actually grabbed my daughter and went to the main floor of the house, so we could get to the basement fast if we needed to. And for once, my husband didn't laugh at me. Found out later a tornado hit 10 minutes away from us right at that time.

  2. Popping in from ftlob. Love the way you're seeing beautiful in finding how to live this "stage" of your life.

    P.S. When I'm home I don't know anything either. I'm home. It makes perfect sense to me.

  3. Well Sweet Pee, that new “adventure” could be simply the realization that you are spreading your wings and venturing farther and farther afield from your safety zone of home and parents. You know that the safety net is always there but it is becoming a little less and less visible and the strings are become less attached and longer. Fly baby, fly high. Love Dad

  4. Bringing you some comment love today! I completely get what you mean about living at home. Every summer of my Bachelor's I lived at home & worked at the same company as my dad. Once I had graduated I moved out for good... I love my parents, but I need to have my independence. I find it's so easy to slip back into a "kid" role when I visit my parents. Haha. Let us know when you figure out your new adventure! Travel? Volunteering? Hobby? :)

  5. Oh, I remember that time in my life when I had to move back in with my parents. I had just graduated college and was about to get married, but that didn't matter. They still wanted to know everything that I was doing, and you're right. It's a lot more frustrating that just being an angsty teenager!

    But I hope that you figure out your next move soon! Visiting from FTLOB. Have a beautiful day my dear!


  6. Good gracious I agree. Totally on the same page. This summer was way more stressful and busy than it was fun and relaxing. I think I'll sleep more and have more me time once we're back at school. I am also completely ready to get out of this house. Love my fam, but I've had enough for a bit lol.
    Cannot wait to move into the house with you lovely ladies! xox

  7. Hopping over from FTLOB. I love reading about university/college life. Can't wait to read more!