Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Little Saturday

I had a pretty legitimately busy day today. I started the morning with a just glorious and needed hair cut with my English (like from England English) hairdresser who is just awesome, so I kind of wish I was a little more awake this morning so I could have actually contributed to the conversation but she's awesome none the less. I then had a store bought dinner back at home with Ryan while we watched Jack Layton's funeral on the tube for a good 2 and a half hours. Let's not get into the politics of or never. I then tried to start packing my clothes to take up to Guelph this weekend and I got a decent head start on that. We then headed to Ryan's for our "last supper" before we both depart from London and our lives will be completely different again...strange to really think about it like that. I promised some friends at work that I'd head over to be with them but I NEEDED dessert with Ryan first since we were having my ultimate favourite, tiramisu. So after that, I needed to get a costume together for this little gathering since it was another beer pong tournament. And even though I was driving I wanted to dress up of course. So I joined the Ultimate Ninja team and Ryan provided me with a fabulous costume. I'm so ninjay myself, I barely needed a costume but I took it anyway. I wore a black Coldplay T-shirt inside out, running tights and a little black hat.

shhhhh....I lost my balance on this one 

Ryan's dad asked as I was leaving for the grand event if I was robbing a bank....Ryan also didn't think I should drive with the whole get up on but I did anyways. I drove in my old person sketchy white car in that get up with the windows down. I felt soooo bad ass for lack of a better word. When I got to the friend's house I realized it was the sketchiest neighbourhood ever. There were barely any lights on so I couldn't see the numbers on the houses at all. So I parked the car and started creeping up to each house to see the number. I was so scared someone would see me and think I was trying to break in. So I had to be stealth about being stealthy. I even ran into this scary man walking back from a park with a drink in his hand to which after I realized he was probably more scared of me walking around like that outfit....Either way it was a pretty great day and I will have a gorgeous sleep tonight. 


  1. You're having far too much fun taking webcam photos! ;) Just kidding. Just stopping by for Comment Love Sunday from ftlob!

  2. The ninja costume is great. Needs to be pulled out again. We also need to get on the organized beer-pong tourney thing back in the G.

    Also, I have yet to start packing. I'm jealous.