Sunday, August 7, 2011

Law School Personal Statements

I am currently sitting here on a Sunday night, four weeks away from starting my third year of my undergraduate degree contemplating on what to write for my law school personal statement. It's not because I am worried or bored or an over-achiever (well not TOO much of an over-achiever) but because I feel like I need to organize my thoughts on law school both for the application and myself.

After researching for a long 0.13 seconds (according to Google) I opened up a site that explained all the different styles of writing a personal statement. There's the Personal Narrative, this one was obvious, basically you tell your story touching on things that you want to highlight that are of course relevant to applying to law school and making all these things make sense in presence of one another.

There's the "Organizing Quote" set up where you start with a quote and go from there, basing your paper on the idea or philosophy on the quote. I hate this structure because I find it so "hoighty toighty". Using someone else's words to make your own sound so amazing and regal? I feel like it's a cop out.

The Character Sketch as it sounds, is a description of one's character, their experiences, etc. But that's not all! I have just learnt that character sketch's could also include describing a home town, work environment, favourite place, it's not just limited to people.

Annnnd then there's the "Overcoming Adversity" method. One discusses how they overcame some tragic thing in their lives. The things that bothers me a bit about this one is that I believe every single person has overcome SOMETHING in their lives....and furthermore isn't the idea of OVERCOMING something not dreading over it and making people feel sorry for you? I guess that's a major point in applying to professional schools. There's also the Diversity Candidate aimed papers, who's main goal is to spotlight how different they are from everyone else (just like every other method should also be doing).

Chronological Growth takes a moment in a person's life, much like a AH-HA moment, and describes how much they learnt and how it changed their life and beliefs. I personally like the idea of this method. And finally there is "The Mentor" where one describes someone usually with high authority such as some amazing professor, who changed their live and made them realize something magical.

Clearly, thank GOD I looked into this now as it seems to be way more complicated than I thought it would be for some reason. So many different styles and things I can pick to focus on. I feel like I need to look back on the past 10 years of my life and write every detail out and determine which ones will make me look amazingly smart and inspiring from the ones that make me look like a dumb, crazy kid.

Here are the styles if you are ever interested:


  1. Well somewhere in this package of personal information you have to include your blog. What better way to allow them to see into your soul.

  2. Yikes. Sounds stressful.

    Good luck =)

    I would do the "grab them by the balls" approach and give them a killer first sentence and pull them in from there.