Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Can't Believe I'm Still Conscious

I got back from a 'let me tell you WILD' weekend in Boston, MASS late last night. And by late last night I mean I got home at about 1 am and in bed by 2 and up at 6:30am. UGH. Although I didn't have a heinous personality at work today, I kept up the pep until the second I walked through the door at home. I just crashed and burned into a bile of tears, whining and grumpiness (not that far off from a regular day...kidding!).

As pictures are still coming in from my holy cow gorgeous cousin Maggie's wedding I shall post more about the entire weekend later this week hopefully.

But to keep all my avid readers coming back for more....here's my wonderful hairdo that I travelled with yesterday. I was pretty proud of it, mostly because I did it sitting in the middle of the terminal in Boston but so proud I took a picture of it when I got home in the early morning.

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  1. Wore my hair like that in the Boston Terminal too!!