Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank Goodness

Mom is home. I've been sleepless the past while she's been in Greece due to fear of intruders and spoiled rotten cats. But now I have my mommy back AND a good night's sleep. Mom also comes with so much knowledge that I really how to cut a watermelon. I need two cut for tomorrow morning and the jet lagged woman said she would do it herself. She's a saint.

Either way, I decided it's just plain ridiculous that I don't know how to cut a watermelon, so I youtubed it and found this:

Although it gets the job done, that watermelon is just HUGE and the fact that there is no sound really freaks me out. The whole time I just thought that he was going to cut a finger off or something was going to pop out at me. 

1 comment:

  1. hey there. visiting from FTLOB. this post is cracking me up. my daughter and i just had the same conversation last week. she never buys watermelon for the very same reason! i'll be sending a link of your post to her!