Saturday, July 16, 2011

Step Counters

Ours look a bit like this one
except there is no cover. 
At work, I have asked my staff to "compete" in a step counter competition. The goal is to together step across Canada by the end of the summer, which is approximately 5 million steps. This may not exactly happen...but it's been fun so far! Every morning at 9 am we all put on our step counters on our shoes and we all take them off at 4 pm. The kids at camp are LOVING it, they are always checking how many steps we have and encouraging us to step more and more and more. It's great for everyone involved.

On Tuesday we had a HUGE soccer tournament involving 7 different camps. Since I was running around so much that day I managed to step around 13300 steps, that's 13 kilometers simply walking! Amazing! Makes me think that I should add this onto my dailymile site since I have had literally no time to go for a good run lately. I'm thinking I am going to have to adjust my routine and shower in the evenings after I hopefully run, instead of showering in the morning. That way I can sleep in AND get a run in in the evenings.

On a side, yet very important note, I need some input. I am essentially have a free course or elective this upcoming fall and was wondering what random course I should take? A language? Anthropology? Political Science? Philosophy? What does everyone think?


  1. How about Economics 101 or some other business course