Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One of my Daily Battles

Almost every day I get home from work, scratch that, everyday in general I toy with the idea of "to nap or not to nap".

It's pretty funny actually, in the middle of thinking and starting this post I put the computer down and took a nap....a two hour nap that has now caused me so much anger. You see, napping is great and everything but it takes up SO much time and I'm a busy lady, I want to get things done, think about things. And now that I have woken up and it's back to my ordinary bed time I feel like I have wasted the night away.

No I will not stop napping but I shall plan them at more strategic times, like perhaps actually coming home from work when I'm supposed to and not an hour later. Or not starting a nap after 7:00 (or anytime even near 7:00...so confusing).

Therefore I warn you, be cautious on your napping schedule and if you even want to nap in the first place. It's a very important decision in your life day-to-day life.

I felt like this child on the inside when I woke up at 9:34pm this evening

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