Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Summer Days

Tomorrow marks the start of Rock the Park 2011 here in London and this will be my 7th year as a volunteer at the 3-day event. It's pretty tiring as I work 9 hours beforehand and then head STRAIGHT to the concert and work until 11pm. It's always a GREAT time and we always keep coming back for more volunteering. I'm not even interested in the music per say, it's always a good time doing meaningless straightforward tasks like opening beer cans and bonding with others over it.

 The event is a very huge fundraiser for the Bethany's Hope Foundation which is an organization fundraising money for a cure against Metachromatic Leukodystrophy or MLD. Every year we watch videos of the children diagnosed with this awful disease and it's just horrific. It's great that we all can come together for a weekend and work our butts off for an awesome cause! Here's to a very tiring weekend where I'll end up in a coma on Sunday.

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  1. hi! found your blog on FTLOB and had to stop bye and say 'hello!' because im going to be traveling to london in a couple of weeks and wondered if you have any tips on where are the best places to go/best times to see them/etc? hope you're having a great day!