Monday, July 25, 2011

Help! I Can't Find a Dress!

I am leaving in T minus 3.5 days and I still don't have a dress for my cousin's wedding this weekend in BOSTON! I leave work early (oh the little joys in life) on Friday to catch a plane. I am actually so excited because it's a Sunday wedding which means I have a good Friday night and all day Saturday to "relax", visit a TON of family and perhaps get a tiny bit of sight seeing in?

Anyways I've been searching and searching for weeks, maybe longer than a month for the perfect dress. I know I want a maxi but it is ridiculously difficult to find a wedding style maxi dress. There are the maxi sundresses and the maxi prom dresses but nothing in between! It probably is a hinderance that I don't like strapless dresses all that much either (I hate that gross arm pit fat you get). So to make myself feel a teensy bit better about the whole stressful ordeal I decided I could buy SOMETHING today and that something turned out to be my first ever romper. Never before have I had to contort so much to get into an outfit. How did I never wonder how people got into these things?!


So if for any reason you have a knack for finding maxi dresses, send me a shout and fill me in on your secrets!


  1. That is so cute! I've always been scared to try rompers, but I have friends who wear them and look adorable. Unfortunately, I don't own any maxi dresses, so I'm not much help there. Good luck though!

  2. I love that romper! So adorable.

    But I don't know where you can find a maxi dress on short notice; I know of a few online shops but shipping would probably take too long :)

  3. Cute romper!! I so wish I had the guts to wear them!!

    I'm not a maxi dress type of girl, & I don't know where ya live, BUT have you been a prom dress store?? They usually have fancy, but not prom dress, maxi dresses. Where I live, there's a store called Bravura, which has every dress for every occasion imaginable! Other than that, have you tried Macy's, Dillards, those kinds of stores?

    Hope those suggestions help... good luck finding a dress!!

    PS- found you through 20sb :)

  4. Girl, go hit up Banana Republic! Check out these:

  5. Or J.Crew:

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  7. asos! asos! asos! had to find a dress for my cousins wedding. they're in the uk, but my dress got here in 3 days for only 8 bucks! just enough time to get it hemmed and pick it up wedding day. they have thousands of dresses too!!

    love, little.