Monday, July 18, 2011

End of a Weekend

Yesterday, I wore my first maxi dress and I definitely should have taken a picture of it! Silly me. I headed over to London's Home County Folk Festival only to be greeted than none other than Dan Mangan himself. It was pretty funny and a scene straight out of a movie. Mom, the boy and I were meandering through the little stalls when I heard a band playing awesome music. I then realized it was a song by Dan Mangan. Me and the boy both thought it was a cover but I was still loving it, it was a beautiful day, I was in a maxi dress and listening to "folk" music (whatever that is). I then listening more closely, there was no way that it WASN'T Dan Mangan, it sounded exactly like him. I peeked around the corner and got as close as I could, and it was HIM. DAN, DAN MANGAN. The man I've been constantly listening to and adoring for over a year. It was the strangest thing ever. Clearly I can't be labelled THAT big of a fan since I didn't even know he was in London....but still HUGE fan.

After he quickly finished his show we headed over to YoYo's, a "make your own" frozen yogurt cafe. One of my favourite little places here and it's always so good. After a nice break from the sun (I gloriously HATE the outdoors...) we paroozed Richmond Row, mainly looking for a dress for the wedding in Boston in just over a week but no luck. So we went grocery shopping (well Mom went grocery shopping and we got Starbucks) and headed home for some home cookin'. A might great end to a weekend that went by way too fast.


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