Friday, June 3, 2011

Why my Mac is bothering me

So now that I am working full time, I've been using my computer a fair amount again and actually for work. It's pretty much being used literally 24/7 unless I am in my car. Or the bathroom...well actually that's a lie. But the only thing that my wonderful Mac doesn't have is great word art in Microsoft Word. It's so frustrating because I literally need it constantly for my job right now. If anyone knows a solution for this that would be AMAZING right about now. I'm literally crying over it....that's another lie my mascara is just bothering me now.

Word Art as it should could use an update but this looks like god right about now


  1. if you have microsoft word on your mac it should have words art.

  2. It has Word Art, I just have to change the shape and dimensions and everything by myself. Which is okay if you want to do that. And I just simply don't enjoy how it runs on a Mac at all.

  3. You mean my Windows 7 word program has something up one you??? amazing