Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Work Does to Me

I'm full swing in work now and it's just great. Constant fun in every corner and all the things I love like working on the computer, eating, playing camp games and laughing every second at all the hilarious and awesome people. The only problem is the minute I walk in the door at home I am DEAD tired. I literally fall on the couch and contemplate sleeping the evening and waking up early just to get a head start on MORE camp stuff. It's a vicious cycle.

What else has work done to me? Well it has made me more hilarious if I do say so myself. See you have to be quick in the camp world, ready for anything thrown at you rather it be from staff or kids, you always need a fast response. And further it has caused me to retire on the running for the most part and get all gross again. Hopefully once this work routine has set in I'll be able to fit in more runs at night. The problem is the evenings are the times when I see my friends so it's hard to get everything I want to do in! Oh the pains of having an awesome job.

In other news, I will be spending this upcoming Sunday in Toronto at the Jays vs. Red Sox game where I will dawn my Montreal Canadiens shirt in all its glory to whatever Boston fans are present. I don't care how crazy and weird the playoffs have been this year, but Boston will always suck.

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