Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Craze

Hint: I like these bands 
This may be an awkward post to share but oh well, here we are. I've always been a little bit crazy when it's come to weddings and planning weddings and hearing about them and just everything. I love everything about them. So I believe that lately I have gone into wedding fever.

I blame this to the fact that I am one of the youngest people at my work right now and a few are just newly married, engaged about to be married, waiting for that ring or just moving in with their significant other. And I never ever wanted to sound like one of those annoying girls who can't stop thinking about their wedding....but I am one of those girls, hopefully not as crazy and self-absorbed though.

Is this normal?! And by that I mean do other normal people feel this way?...I'm almost nervous to hear the answers.


  1. Well, IF YOU GET YOUR PASSPORT RENEWED you might be able to make notes of Margaret's wedding in Boston

  2. not crazy-i just went to a wedding yesterday and my friends and I kept talking about our weddings...we are all single!

  3. totally love all things wedding. it's my biggest dream to own my own wedding planning business. i'm always looking at different websites to find new trends haha.

    love, little.

  4. Not crazy at all (or we're all crazy together). I have zero desire to get married any time soon, but has that stopped me from watching wedding shoes/stalking wedding blogs/drooling over pretty rings? Not a bit!