Monday, June 13, 2011

MY Motherhood Monday

I know a lot of people across the blogosphere participate in their respective "Motherhood Monday" features and I just wanted to shed some light on my own from today.

Today I was my boyfriend's mother. Ryan and I woke up today and without saying a word we were doing our respective jobs before the day started. He went straight to the shower and I to the kitchen. As he was getting all fancy for work, I was making his lunch downstairs. I packed a lovely lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich, chips and salsa, pasta salad and a cinnabon granola bar. He also was so lucky to get an awesome water bottle and espresso in a thermos for the morning ride.

In all motherhood-ness, I insisted we leave SUPER early for his first day of work this summer so we ended up being half an hour early. And when it was time for him to finally leave I looked around and it seemed that people getting out their cars around us already knew each other so I leaned out the passenger side of the car and said "Make new friends! Have a great first day" partly for a joke partly cause my motherly senses were tingling today.

When I got back home on my glorious day off, I decided I was going to make cupcakes. Now this was my first experience baking period. So clearly I was in Motherload Land today. But even more than just cupcakes I needed to be original and exciting so I made vanilla cupcakes with mocha icing. I really struggled with the icing of the cupcakes so I had to eventually just use a knife and spread it around but I think they turned out alright.

After the cupcake making I took a shower, laid down for a few minutes, caught up with my former boss and headed back to pick the boy up from work where I was greeted with a "Hey Mom!" from Ryan. So funny. Yet so true. And that was the end of my day as a Mom.

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