Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I just needed to say Happy Father's Day to my dad one more time today! We had a great manly manly day watching baseball and hockey while eating chips and dip, chicken wings and nachos! My mom managed to find him the most PERFECT gift ever made for any person. My dad has always really been into origami, paper cranes to be exact. If he has a spare piece of paper on him and a little kid near by, his hands are furiously making one of these things! Last year when I was in residence I was going through not the best of times in life and my dad came up to visit. After he left I found a little paper crane hanging in my room and it just lifted my spirits every time I looked at it. So this is what we found him!

A paper crane piggy bank! Perfect for an origami money loving man! 

The piggy bank and my paper crane tattoo I got in honour of my dad a few months ago (it was quite awkward to get a photo of the two together!) 

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