Monday, May 23, 2011

Vibrams! Vibrams?

As mentioned earlier, my I.T. band has been a constant problem for about 4 years now. After par-oozing the internet and stumbling across the blog, Running Toes and subsequently Daily Mile I have come to discover barefoot running. Now it's a bit different for me because I'm not the biggest fan of running outside or the outdoors in general so I tried running barefoot on the treadmill. And it was just fabulous. Everything felt great, pain free and natural. The only thing was that although it felt natural it also felt weird not wearing anything at all on my feet. So I came across Vibrams.

Although there have been differing reviews on the shoes I still feel like they are the ones for me! These are the pair I have my eye set on but we'll see how it actually goes once I hit the store in downtown London.

A little pink vibrant and orange and that's just like me, right?


  1. My sister's got a pair and she refuses to run in anything else. I'm buying one simply because I despise shoes. It's not natural. Plus running barefoot and in these forces you to run 'properly'.

  2. Lucky! I'm hoping I'll get some for my birthday coming up. Running without shoes felt amazing, running in shoes makes me feel so much heavier and tired. Not cool.