Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Vegetarian

Last summer I found that I was rarely eating meat just by chance so I decided to use that and just become a full blown vegetarian. And by full blown I mean I still ate fish so not THAT full blown. This lasted until Thanksgiving 2010 where I just HAD to eat turkey and etc. After that I just gave in. But here we are again at the beginning of another summer and I have already found that I barely eat any red meat.

I plan to keep like that and then slowly ease out my chicken intake and try the vegetarian thing again. Why you ask? I'd like to answer that with something to do with animal rights or even dietary restrictions or something but to be honest, it's really only because I feel healthier when I do it. I hate the feeling of having a big piece of meat or burger or whatever and feeling like I'm going to explode at either end at any minute (sorry for that picture). I like the fact that I can eat smaller portions more throughout the day without stuffing myself completely full and just feeling comfortable.

The only other thing is that I feel like such an inconvenience to my parents, friends and whomever I am eating with when they would need to prepare an entire different meal option for me. That's the tricky part. I'm not a picky eater in the least so I don't like being such a problem in food area. And that is why it's pretty hard to just become a vege head.

My rant for the day.


  1. HI! My name is Deanna to. I used to be a vegetarian, and like you said, the hardest part was being an inconvenience on everyone. I would like to be one again though, perhaps I'll give it another shot?

  2. That's awesome! I love meeting new Deannas, it's pretty rare that I get to. As for the vegetarian thing, I had a hamburger AND nachos this weekend so I'm back to square one today but hopefully it's a good thing because I sure felt like crap when I woke up this morning!

  3. I have the same feelings of inconveniencing friends/family because I follow a unique eating philosophy as well. I try to follow the Paleo eating plan which is basically just meat/veg/fruit/nuts - so no grains, legumes, sugars. It's intense but I feel the benefits for me are worth it...that said, I usually end up giving in when I'm around others who don't eat the way I do - gotta work on that willpower! Good luck with your vegetarian summer!