Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Outdoors Photo Shoot

In honour of the wonderful day outside today I really wanted to take a few pictures with the boyfriend. Although he was pretty whiny about it, he still cooperated which was very sweet (since I did make him breakfast, lunch, cookies and tea today).

I kind of love the angle of these photos so they'll be keepers for awhile I do declare. But before these even happened I wanted to take some pictures of a sweater I had swapped for at the end of the year back in Guelph. You see, at the end of the year our University Centre has a stuff swap where you can take anything for free and leave anything you just don't need/want anymore for others. So after my exams I got some clothes together that I hadn't worn since September really and dropped them off before heading up to work. A few days later a friend spotted this beauty of a sweater and although it's pretty itchy and rather HUGE on me, it's still pretty great. 

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