Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Summer To Do List

More veggies, less meat
1. Finish donating clothes

2. Organize house in some way...

3. Clean off the treadmill so it may actually be used

4. Go dancing at least once a week

5. Become a summer time vegetarian again?

6. Buy something from a boutique

7. Keep on top of politics (even after the election)

All hail King Harper
8. Go to the beach and make a sand castle

9. Go for a summer drive - just for fun

10. Have a picnic

11. Read 5 books

12. Go to a concert

13. Drink less coffee, drink more tea

14. See 3 movies

15. Work on my Italian
More tea, more often 

16. Play a board game

17. Volunteer

18. Go to Sun Fest

19. Trip to Toronto

20. See a play

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