Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green banner

Look how awesome these holders are for frozen goodies! We have a HUGE kitchen at my camp and we love to cook or make treats with the kiddies. These would be awesome! 
Popsicle (or even better frozen yogurt) holders 

And this would be simply great whenever. 
Crazy temporary hand tattoos! Also come in different animals and monsters. 

Maybe you can tell that I'm already getting pretty excited about camp life! I'll be off learning and planning July and August in the next little bit while also learning my new role as a camp coordinator. It's going to get very busy very fast. Here's to staying busy! 

Photos from www.uncommongoods.com


  1. I have to say that the popsicle holders are totally awesome. I remember as a kid I just had plain yellow ones. I might have to order some of these!

    Stopping by from 20SB!

  2. Wow those popsicle holders are amazing!